Tuesday, September 2, 2008

NAGT : rFactor

NAGT for rFactor : I´ve been reading a lot of negatives reviews of this mod, but I like it a lot!

The only downside are some cockpits!Take the Volvo or the Caddi for a ride and have a blast!


  1. Beautiful shots of a beautiful mod. :-) I was very nearly put off by the negative comments! But thank goodness I persevered and managed to get the download link to work. This is an outstanding mod of real quality. As for the cockpits, I've been in a touring car cockpit and it was quite sparce and utilitarian, not unlike the ones criticised. I'm in love with rFactor again, GTR2 almost wooed me away with its shiny cars and seductively benign physics.

  2. If anyone has doubts witch simulator is the best, the latest mods for rFactor should answered that!
    Although I like GTR2 and GTREvo...:)